“Peter understands and effectively manages the wide range of issues that arise through planning and development of complex projects. Significant design, landscape and environment awards on key projects are a testament to delivering quality project outcomes.”
Nevan Wadeson, Director, Tract Consultants
“Peter is a highly experienced property professional with a specific focus in the development sector. He is knowledgeable, energetic, a team player and leader, but equally capable of working independently, is well respected in the development industry and generally a pleasure to work with. With his extensive industry knowledge and experience, Peter is more than capable of running large and multifaceted development projects or simply resolving specific issues and problems. One of his key strengths is his ability to deal with both macro and micro issues and his general knowledge across all facets of the development sector from master planning, to dealing with Government and industry players, to financial modelling and capital management.”
Tom Roe, Managing Director, Gersh Residential Land Partners
“I am delighted to attest to Peter’s excellent character, integrity and personal energy. He is a caring and highly ethical professional who has extensive experience in property development and civil engineering. I have known and observed Peter’s business and personal achievements over a 15 year period. During this time he has held senior management positions with some of Australia’s largest development companies and bigger consulting firms. He is well connected at State Government Departments and Authorities as well as Local Councils across Melbourne.”
Ronald W Espie (Retired), Life Member UDIA
“Peter Shellie is exceptionally adept at juggling dozens of complex interdependent project management balls at once, without dropping a single one. As a manager of complex urban development projects, Peter Shellie recognises and then optimises the strengths of respective members of his consultant team while minimising their weaknesses, to progress projects effectively and economically. Peter Shellie is extraordinary at leveraging a project’s vision through highly effective pragmatism. Peter Shellie deeply understands successful urbanism and is constantly learning more and more.”
Chip Kaufman, Director, Ecologically Sustainable Design Pty Ltd