Combining long-term experience with expert market and product knowledge, Peter Shellie offers freelance development management services that focus on attaining quality outcomes for developers.

Resourceful and experienced, Peter Shellie offers a simple philosophy to achieving results: merging expert knowledge with planning, problem solving and most of all, creative initiative.


Peter draws on over 24 years of experience in the property development industry. Read More


Peter provides services to Development Companies, Private Landowners, and Consulting Firms. Read More
“Peter Shellie is exceptionally adept at juggling dozens of complex interdependent project management balls at once, without dropping a single one. As a manager of complex urban development projects, Peter Shellie recognises and then optimises the strengths of respective members of his consultant team while minimising their weaknesses, to progress projects effectively and economically. Peter Shellie is extraordinary at leveraging a project’s vision through highly effective pragmatism. Peter Shellie deeply understands successful urbanism and is constantly learning more and more.”
Chip Kaufman, Director, Ecologically Sustainable Design Pty Ltd