Peter Shellie provides a practical resource and end-to-end development management services to the property development industry.


Development Companies

  • Senior resource available for short to mid term contracts.

Private Land Owners

  • Development / Project Management
  • Advocacy / Negotiation
  • Provider development insight / equity in negotiations
  • Infrastructure planning and programming
  • Document and engineering reviews
  • Risk management

Consulting Firms

  • Increase value in service delivery
  • Service delivery / review
  • Development insights


Delivery & Risk Minimisation

The essentials to development management lie in conceptualising a clear strategy, analysing the market effectively, positioning, and optimising the product, budget and program control. Peter Shellie’s expertise ensures that all these aspects of development management are aligned to a single unified tactic that carries out the project with minimal risk and maximum value.
“Peter understands and effectively manages the wide range of issues that arise through planning and development of complex projects. Significant design, landscape and environment awards on key projects are a testament to delivering quality project outcomes.”
Nevan Wadeson, Director, Tract Consultants